Saturday, July 21, 2012


Tell me if this frightens you, (things I've observed lately)

Three, overweight girls no older than 10, each eating their own can of Pringles as a snack out by the pool.

When my son ordered vegetables instead of fries at a restaurant and the waiter was shocked...said that didn't happen often.

Young children doubling the size of some of their peers.

Children choosing to sit in front of a TV all day long vs. going outside and simply...playing.

Adults and Children ordering 44oz soft drinks to go with a Snickers at a convenience store.  

I was an overweight teen.  I know, first hand how this will affect these children for years to come.  They are missing out on LIFE.  But why?  The solution seems so simple, so easy. 

I remember as a child, I'd come home from school, head straight to the pantry and find the WORST food, grab it and go sit in front of the TV.  I was that kid.  Sad but true.  But somehow I broke the cycle.  I was NOT the norm back then.  Seems like more and more we see overweight, obese children falling into the same stereotype...lazy and fat.  Right?  I would complain of the heat outside, which seemed like the perfect excuse.  Heck no.  That is not and SHOULD NOT be normal.  I couldn't run a lap in P.E but blamed it on not feeling well or some other lame excuse because I was embarrassed.  How do we think all of these children feel?  They are helpless to an extent because they are a product of their environment.  Most of the time.  It becomes an addiction just like any other.  And I believe the hardest part for me is seeing the look in their eyes.  It's that empty-look.  Like they wanna be someone else.  They are not comfortable in their own skin and are probably feeling ashamed, which saddens me.  

As I look around today, I try and wrap my head around why  this is happening to our children.  I was miserable, no self-esteem, felt trapped, and it was a place I wish on no child, not anyone.  But I can't help but be afraid when I look around and see SO many overweight, inactive children and teenagers.  And it's not only the obese children, it's the children that don't want to push themselves physically.  They'd rather sit inside glued to their x-box.  Am I the only one that thinks that's crazy?  

I am NOT the picture of perfect health, I don't have rock hard abs and a bikini-ready body...but there's one thing I know.  I am healthy.  I work hard every day to push myself and my body to do things I didn't think possible.  I put exercise and my health as a priority in my life.  I put my family's health as a priority in my life as well.  I work hard to expose my family to a healthy lifestyle each and every day.  Why don't we all?  

I think it's different for each situation,
A child living with overweight/obese parents is only practicing what they see and know.  No exercise.  No vision of what healthy eating looks like or more importantly, feels like.
Children living with parents who have never struggled with weight issues may think they were fine growing up on junk food and sodas, so why change?  
Busy.  Some families are so busy, trying to keep up with life that we fall short when it comes to what we put into our bodies.  -not sure how this one can be fixed.  
Some are emotional issues from children dealing with divorce, and other family issues.  They may turn to food, which is where I believe I struggled most growing up.  

This is why I choose to be a FitFluential Ambassador.  
To be that voice for so many adults and children that feel like nobody understands their struggle. 
For so many, it's that feeling that the person trying to help has never been there, that they can't relate.  I want to be that person that does.  I wasn't a fit teen that gained some weight in college, I struggled with weight my ENTIRE life.  I choose to live healthy for myself and my family.
Now how do we make a change and make an impact in this growing epidemic?? 


Michelle said...

I find this post very interesting. I am not a mother but an Aunt. I had my 15 year old neice for a few days last week and I found myself torn. She wanted to go get Cold Stone Creamery Ice Cream at 9:00 at night. What to do with that question? Well she is with me only 1 time per this a "treat" do I play fun Aunt or do I say "NO" we are not eating 1000 calorie ice cream at 9:00. I gave in to her, she ordered mint choc ice cream with carmel and fudge and 5 oreo cookes smashed up in there.

I have been feeling a hypocrite every since last Wednesday.

Sara said...

I enjoyed this post and am honored to be a part of your FitFluential family. Good thoughts and also very concerning to me.

Nadine said...

I am picky about what I feed my kids, at 2 years old, they eat whole real foods, fruit veggies, yogurt cheese, tofu, meat, chicken. I recently even cut out the multigrain fish crackers. And you know what,other mothers laugh at me because I don't feed them sugary cereal(they eat and like bran buds!). It just starts young. My parents fed my sister not so great food, and fed me really well. Now she weighs over 300 pounds and can't walk 5 minutes.

Anyhow, my rant is that we learn our habits young, so I'm trying my best :).

Samantha said...

Love this post. I too was a chubby kid and teenager and can totally relate to how you felt. Insecure. Hated my own body. Wished I was someone else. Now I live a healthy lifestyle and even at two months I show Gracenhow to do the same.
<3 Love your post!!

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