Thursday, July 26, 2012

Zumba recap...hilarious!

So, I've seen the infomercials regarding Zumba Fitness, I've heard the hype, listened to people go on and on about how much fun I'd have if I'd simply be optimistic and try it....

So yesterday I did.

I walked in, a nervous wreck but excited to try something new and to workout with my Momma!


The instructor walked in, looking MUCH younger than me and in fabulous shape, wearing a super cute 80's retro outfit that was bright and colorful.

There were probably about 40 women-maybe more.  Some wearing their shake shirts with fringe that made noises when they'd shake their booty!  lol!

I was LOST immediately.

Started with a warm-up of Latin-inspired music and lots of rump shaking, which I'm terrible at, by the way!

Now I consider myself to have good rhythm, I can dance to a great hip hop song in my living room until I'm drenched in sweat, but Latin music?  It's safe to say, I'm terrible.  There's no rump back there to shake, I can't roll my hips like Shakira (although I wish I could!) and after having two kids, I'm not quite in touch with my sexy, sassy Zumba side-I guess??

On the other hand, it was a great workout!  I was sweating just trying to figure out HOW the instructor manages to shake her body that way...uh-mazing!  Seriously.  I came home trying to show my husband some of the dance moves and he and I were laughing SO hard...

My mom and her friends LOVE IT!  So I'm happy they've found a form of exercise that they truly enjoy!  Yay!  As for me, I'll stick to cross training, running, cycling, and a good kickboxing or boot camp fitness class!

But please understand it just wasn't for me...I couldn't stop laughing or take myself seriously while trying to "shake what my momma gave me" (or lack there of!) but honestly if you love to dance, this might be for you!  As I've said a thousand times before, find what YOU love...and I'm happy that I gave something new a try!  Ya never know if it's for you until you get out there and just TRY it!  (I'm laughing just writing this post, thinking about how silly I probably looked trying to roll and shake my hips!!!!)

What about you?  Tried Zumba?    

If you haven't, would you give it a try?


Rhonda Caughlin Werner said...

I LOVE Zumba, i do it twice a week. Doesn't mean I'm good at it or I can shake my arse like our instructor either, but it's a great cross training workout!

Plus it takes like 3 times of going minimal to come close to having it figured out!

Keep it up.

Michelle said...

Nope not for me...I would laugh to much. Spin bike or boot camp or boxing I'm down

fancy nancy said...

My friend and I used to do a class together....I seriously laughed the pounds off! I couldn't stop laughing!!!

Mommy Run Fast said...

That is too funny! I've never tried it, mostly because I have enough other cardio that I love doing, and I have no Latin rhythm either, ha! Sounds like so much fun, though. :)

Samantha said...

Great job on trying something new! Good for you!! I need to find something that I love again.
<3 Sam

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