Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Healthy Foods?

After teaching physical education and health to teens, and helping heart patients prepare a heart-healthy meal plan post-heart attack, NOTHING surprises me when it comes to what people may assume is HEALTHY!

I think it's pretty cool that HealthCentral is holding a Healthy Food sweepstakes to help those that may not know what is truly healthy and what is not-so-much...

Announcing HealthCentral's Healthy Living Sweepstakes

It's often hard to go to the grocery store and pick out healthy food.  Items can look healthy, but they can be hidden with sodium or sugar.  In order to help make sure you are eating the healthiest foods, we have been sampling hundreds of healthy foods - some brand new to grocery stores - to let you know about the tastiest, healthiest foods out there!  
Through the summer we'll be announcing the winners of our Healthy Food Awards and we want to hear from you!  Vote for your favorite healthy food and then enter our sweepstakes.
The Grand Prize winner will receive an ActiFry and the First Place winner will receive a 20 piece cookware set!
The sweepstakes runs through July 16th.  Like us on Facebook to see the rules and enter.  You can even share the contest with your friends to earn double entries.
Don't forget to stay tuned to learn what healthy foods made the cut in our 2012 Healthy Food Awards.

I don't have a FB account, so I'm counting on all of you to enter!  
Some pretty cool prizes up for grabs!
As for my weekly workouts, I had an awesome week, last week!  When my husband works nights, I am able to get up bright and early, take off and get my run in by 7am!  It felt great, temps weren't too crazy hot and lots of clouds!  I love clouds this time of year!!  
As for this week, a little tougher!  I'll make it work BUT it happens with my five-year old and 3-year old!  I push my youngest and my oldest usually rides his bike or runs right along with me!  This makes long runs impossible, but hey-anything is better than nothing!  
Yes I could pop in a workout video, but I haven't been feeling them lately.  I wanted Jillian's new workout series, but haven't heard that much about it, you?
As for races, it's FINALLY time to get back out there.  My husband and I both agreed that we need a good 5K to get us going strong again...really strong!  So, August 4th at 7:30 am we'll be racing with some friends we met while camping!  Ah, that's why I love camping...we meet great, active families that love the outdoors...nothing better than that, right?!  
I'll keep you posted on our progress!!  How are your workouts/races going this summer?


misszippy said...

Sometimes it takes some real creativity to get the workouts in w/ the kids home. But you're on top of it so good for you!

Pretty cool info on the healthy eating contest!

Samantha said...

What workout vIdeos do you like??! I totally need to do that and before I got pregnant I sold all my videos!! Lame. It was cause I was doing gym and personal training so I didn't need videos! Whoops!
Grace likes her carseat now but when it's hot I don't bother her taking her out in it. But I need to do like you and get up before hubby leaves.. Which would be like five.. Hmm!
Thanks for the contest!
I need to sign up for a 5k soon.. Like this fall!! Looking forward to see your progress :)
<3 Sam

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