Monday, July 2, 2012

FREE fitness apps, today only!

I'll start by sharing Jess's motivational quote from her newsletter regarding 
week 3 of the challenge...

To celebrate these popular fitness apps doing really well when it came to downloads and to help kickstart all of our weight loss for July,
intelli-Diet and Super Diet Genius, normally $3.99 each, will be available
for FREE on the iTunes App Store on Monday, July 2nd

I am especially excited about this because I love trying new fitness apps and this will help in Run With Jess's weight loss challenge, that is now in week 3!  Thanks to Jess and her challenge, I have stepped up my running these past few weeks and am ready to try out racing once again!  I had burned out after the half marathon, but I think I'm ready to take on 10 for Texas, a 10-miler taking place in October!  

Do you have exciting goals for the Fall?  

I wish I could race sooner, but with the heat I'm afraid it'll have to wait but this will give me time to step up my mileage and get back to where I was at this time last year!  

"intelli-Diet and Super Diet Genius are like having a dietician in your
pocket. Users get personalized daily and weekly meal plans, and see exactly
what to eat and how much to eat - there are no tracking calories. Both apps
leverage our sophisticated algorithm engine so that portion sizes are
automatically calculated for each food, based on the user's age, height,
gender, activity level, food preferences, which foods are in their kitchen,
current weight, goal weight, and desired rate of weight loss. "

Intelli-Diet for iPhone
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. Website:
. Video:

Super Diet Genius for iPhone:
. App Link:
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