Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Plateau & Pinterest

The dreaded plateau...heard of it?
If you've ever fallen victim to it and know, first hand the way it makes you feel.  You know it's no fun.
Let's start small- 
calories in vs. calories out -it's simple really.  To burn more calories than you consume.  But do you really know this?  Or are you just estimating this?  For this, MyFitnessPal is a pretty great way to keep you on track.
Next, if you're just starting your fitness journey and have a lot of weight to lose, re-evaluate your workouts/eating every few weeks.  Your calorie requirements will change as you lose the weight and gain muscle.  Trust me.
Keep your workouts exciting!  Find something that you love, but make sure you don't fall victim to comfort and forget to change things up as you make progress.  
Make sure you listen to your body, it will tell you when you need to push yourself and when you need REST.
*Now I am hoping to take my own advice and not get frustrated with my weight-loss, workouts and eating this week!  So far this week has been great, lots of fresh fruits and veggies for the family so I'm hoping to get a good # on Monday.  Plus, I'm very excited to learn that I found a new running buddy while camping recently.  After talking for a while, we realized we had A LOT in common(both former p.e. teachers, both have 2 boys same ages, love to run) so it should be fun!  

And now I'd like to share a few of my favorite "pins" from the week!  
With school approaching- my oldest starting kindergarten and youngest starting preschool, I feel like I need to rev up my snack-making skills!  These might help...

Rolled Banana Snacks
 recipe from Mommy? I'm Hungry 

Grab n Go Granola Bars
recipe from Super Healthy Kids

Have you experienced the plateau in weight-loss? How'd you overcome?

What's your favorite healthy, back to school snack? 


Samantha said...

I hate plateaus!!! So so much? Love your advice though, I def think they are key!! Also make sure you're eating enough and drink enough. I've seen where sometimes people cut out mooore calories and it'll have the opposite effect... Your bOdy will hold on to fat. And let's be honest... No one wants that!!!
I love granola bars!! Let me know if you try this recipe :)
And I so wish you lived closer :/ yOu could teach me to love running!!
<3 Sam

fancy nancy said...

Ugh plateaus....stink!!! I agree though. When I hit one it is usually because I haven't been paying as much attention to what I'm eating...estimating calories! I go back to what has worked with counting them up and really eating clean. I love those snacks! They look so yummy! My fav is a nice juicy apple and almond butter!

LETICIA said...

I hit a plateau about a year and a half into my weight loss journey, after already having lost over 40 pounds. I kicked it up a notch by getting serious about my lifting and I started running. That helped me drop another 35 pounds and to this day I continue to lift and run. I'm thinking it might be time to add in something new...

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