Sunday, July 29, 2012

something to think about

I can remember like it was yesterday,

I'd get dressed, hit the gym, stay for 30 minutes (barely breaking a sweat) on the treadmill at a low speed HOLDING ON just waiting for it to be over.  I'd leave the gym, drive to the nearest fast food restaurant and I'd think to myself, "I deserve junk food now".  I had done my part by going to the gym right?  WRONG.  SO WRONG.  

Unfortunately I didn't know any better.  Well I'd like to think I didn't know better but deep down I knew it was NOT the healthiest way to live and I wasn't going to change my life by putting forth little effort.  But who was stopping me?  I wasn't holding myself accountable at all.  Why did I need someone else telling me right from wrong?  I was allowing food to control EVERYTHING in my life.  I would workout (if you'd even call it that) and then go straight back to my comfort  Ugh, such a vicious cycle.  I've even seen people put forth the effort in the gym, pushing themselves HARD and then throwing it all away by consuming a 2,000 calorie lunch.  That's like pushing yourself for NOTHING.  That 2,000 calorie, high fat meal just landed them right back to the unhealthy place they started from.  Yuck.  

After changing my life, I would watch others in the gym as they'd workout.  Some would push themselves to extremes while others put forth little effort but show up every day yet see NO results.  Why was that?  Why do some treat it like it's the Olympics and every second counts while others treat it like brushing their teeth-they go, they stay long enough, they don't sweat, they go home.  ??  Almost like they are thinking, "Whew, got that out of the way"

What pushes you during a workout?
For me it's knowing where I came from.  Never wanting to go back to that place AND knowing how great I feel after an awesome workout!  It's a feeling like no other and it helps you make healthy choices throughout the day.  It's knowing my children watch us as we exercise and they see if we're putting forth every ounce of effort.  We are their role models in life, so we must show them what a healthy lifestyle looks like-not just tell them.  

Although I miss my gym membership, working out at home seems to work for me.  I will push myself hard knowing it's the only exercise I'll be getting so I better make it count.  When it's a run, I push myself and if it's in my living room, I push myself.  My boys joined me in my workout this morning, asking questions and pushing themselves saying they wanted to be strong and healthy too ( a very proud Mommy moment for sure!!)

Ok, Your turn
Why do you think some of us struggle finding motivation and some of us, it seems to come naturally?

What's for dinner tonight??

This recipe looks delicious from   I usually save my pumpkin recipes for Fall but I'm thinking the natural pumpkin sweetness will make these burritos even more DELICIOUS!!!

Friday, July 27, 2012

celebrate the Olympics with your family!

Are you ready for the Olympic games?  I am hoping the opening ceremony lives up to all the hype!   

My kids have been excited for weeks, especially after watching the trials!  I have been looking for ways to make the Olympics an opportunity to teach my children about exercise, athletes, different sports, etc so when I found this article and information from Hershey's, I knew I'd found a way to bring the Olympic games into our home!!  Check this out...

"The 2012 Summer Olympics* are here and what better way to get into the Games than bringing them home to play with family and friends. It’s also a great way to keep active while still having fun!

American Council on Exercise (ACE) Fitness Expert Jessica Matthews has some easy ways to bring the Olympics home for both adults and kids:
·         Create track and field events outdoors at home using sidewalk chalk to outline your very own track for events like sprints, long jump and relay races for the entire family.
·         Hit the pool and set up swimming races using different strokes (such as freestyle and breaststroke), as well as fun, inexpensive pieces of pool equipment (such as races with kickboards and pool noodles).
·         Chart out a cycling course in your neighborhood, grab your bikes and ride together as a family.

Discover even more ways to draw inspiration from your favorite Olympic games by checking out the mostrecent article by Jennie Finch, HERSHEY’S MODERATION NATION GOOD LIFE GURU and former Olympic softball player, on the MODERATION NATION website. There you can also find a number of ideas on activity and play for you and the family, as well as tips and tools for how to achieve a balanced diet and lifestyle.

HERSHEY’S MODERATION NATION and SELF magazine are also hosting a Summer Olympics Twitter Party, Tuesday, July 31 from 5-6pm EST (2-3pm PST), with Jennie Finch and Renee Ross (GOOD LIFE GURU and work-life balance blogger) to discuss staying active this summer during the Olympics and the importance of family activity. Tune in using the using the hashtag #ModNatn."

I received this information from Hershey's Moderation Nation.  No compensation was received.

My favorite events are swimming, gymnastics, running-all of them!, and diving!  So much fun to watch!  
What about your family, what are your Olympic favorites?!

Today's Workout:  
Until my husband and I find out what workout series we'd like to try 
(our options include Insanity, Jillian's Body Rev, and others suggested by YOU??-my wonderful readers??).  
I have been "pinning" great at home workouts that seem to be getting the job done and the best part is that I'm able to turn up my playlist and get in the zone while never leaving the house!  It makes a great alternative on those days where I have the boys and running just isn't an option!  

This one from FoodFitnessandFamily 

 and this one from FitFluential Workouts 
 Have you ever tried these type of workouts?  
*I repeated the "Do Anywhere Workout" 5 times today, then the 100 leg workout twice and let me tell ya, I was a SWEATY MESS!!!

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Zumba recap...hilarious!

So, I've seen the infomercials regarding Zumba Fitness, I've heard the hype, listened to people go on and on about how much fun I'd have if I'd simply be optimistic and try it....

So yesterday I did.

I walked in, a nervous wreck but excited to try something new and to workout with my Momma!


The instructor walked in, looking MUCH younger than me and in fabulous shape, wearing a super cute 80's retro outfit that was bright and colorful.

There were probably about 40 women-maybe more.  Some wearing their shake shirts with fringe that made noises when they'd shake their booty!  lol!

I was LOST immediately.

Started with a warm-up of Latin-inspired music and lots of rump shaking, which I'm terrible at, by the way!

Now I consider myself to have good rhythm, I can dance to a great hip hop song in my living room until I'm drenched in sweat, but Latin music?  It's safe to say, I'm terrible.  There's no rump back there to shake, I can't roll my hips like Shakira (although I wish I could!) and after having two kids, I'm not quite in touch with my sexy, sassy Zumba side-I guess??

On the other hand, it was a great workout!  I was sweating just trying to figure out HOW the instructor manages to shake her body that way...uh-mazing!  Seriously.  I came home trying to show my husband some of the dance moves and he and I were laughing SO hard...

My mom and her friends LOVE IT!  So I'm happy they've found a form of exercise that they truly enjoy!  Yay!  As for me, I'll stick to cross training, running, cycling, and a good kickboxing or boot camp fitness class!

But please understand it just wasn't for me...I couldn't stop laughing or take myself seriously while trying to "shake what my momma gave me" (or lack there of!) but honestly if you love to dance, this might be for you!  As I've said a thousand times before, find what YOU love...and I'm happy that I gave something new a try!  Ya never know if it's for you until you get out there and just TRY it!  (I'm laughing just writing this post, thinking about how silly I probably looked trying to roll and shake my hips!!!!)

What about you?  Tried Zumba?    

If you haven't, would you give it a try?

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

chicken and snap pea pasta and ZUMBA!

Chicken and Snap Pea Pasta
You'll Need:
3-4 chicken breasts, cooked and sliced into strips
1 pkg fresh or frozen sugar snap peas
2-3 cloves garlic-chopped
Parm cheese to taste
extra virgin olive oil to toss pasta

Saute snap peas in skillet with garlic cloves a small amount of water, just to where the peas will not burn. Cover and simmer to allow the garlic to flavor the peas, add chicken strips and simmer for another 5-10minutes.  It's already cooked, so you're just allowing the garlic to flavor chicken!
Boil whole wheat pasta or any other pasta of choice, drain, drizzle with a little EVOO and set aside.
Get your single portion of pasta, add snap peas, chicken and garlic mixture and top with a little parm cheese!  Toss and enjoy!!  So simple and easy, yet SO delicious!

The reason I created this recipe last minute?  I have been persuaded to try ZUMBA for the first time with my mother!  She has been going for a few weeks now and loves it!  She had been a member of Jazzercise for a long time, but with her favorite instructor leaving, she hadn't been able to fall in love with exercise like she had in the past(instructors make a HUGE difference!!), she decided to try something new!  She loves ZUMBA!  She thinks I'll love it, so it's worth a try right?  
I'll let you know how it goes and wish me luck, shaking my booty!!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Run 10 Feed 10

- Register Online at -
This sounds like something I'd like to get involved in and what's better than staying in shape while helping a great cause!  Even if you can't make it to one of the events listed, you can make your own-in your hometown and get people to participate!  Sounds pretty cool, huh?  Plus if you register, I believe there are some freebies involved, so check it out and spread the word :-)
Here are the details:

RUN 10 FEED 10, a new signature national marketing platform created in partnership with the FEED Foundation to motivate the brand’s nearly 13 million readers and consumers nationwide to help fight domestic hunger through a unique running event series. This fall, Americans who register to run a 10K race in one of 11 markets with Women’s Health will instantly provide 10 meals for people in need within their community. In collaboration with the FEED Foundation, an organization founded by philanthropist and social entrepreneur Lauren Bush Lauren, Women’s Health is launching a new way for runners to make a difference.

“When Women's Health saw the growth in the philanthropic fitness trend, we knew we could make a difference and inspire action with a platform that would bring marketers and consumers together in an innovative way,” said Laura Frerer-Schmidt, publisher of Women’s Health. “RUN 10 FEED 10 is a platform that redefines magazine events in this industry and is rooted in action: The more people who run with us, the more meals will be provided to help fight domestic hunger. We’re proud that Unilever signed on as our presenting sponsor to join our fight to help the 49 million Americans who go hungry every day.”
Additionally, Women’s Health will be holding a 10 City Challenge, a series of 10K events in an additional 10 markets across the country, including Atlanta, Austin, Boston, Chicago, Cincinnati, Denver, Los Angeles, Miami, San Francisco, and Seattle (see schedule below).

Consumers can also participate by plotting a course in their own cities on and running their own 10K. enables the program to operate virally and at a national scope, bringing it to every city in the country. The website and mobile app (available on iTunes) together enable everyone, everywhere, to map a 10K route and participate.

Each person who registers will get a limited-edition FEED bag designed with the RUN 10 FEED 10 logo.
Everyone is also encouraged to fund-raise for the cause by going The FEED Foundation will work with local food banks and organizations to distribute the total meals raised via RUN 10 FEED 10.

The 2012 10 City Challenge locations and dates are as follows:

·         Atlanta, October 13
·         Austin, October 13
·         Boston, September 29
·         Chicago, September 23
·         Cincinnati, October 6
·         Denver, September 29
·         Los Angeles, October 13
·         Miami, September 29
·         San Francisco, October 6
·         Seattle, October 6

Saturday, July 21, 2012


Tell me if this frightens you, (things I've observed lately)

Three, overweight girls no older than 10, each eating their own can of Pringles as a snack out by the pool.

When my son ordered vegetables instead of fries at a restaurant and the waiter was shocked...said that didn't happen often.

Young children doubling the size of some of their peers.

Children choosing to sit in front of a TV all day long vs. going outside and simply...playing.

Adults and Children ordering 44oz soft drinks to go with a Snickers at a convenience store.  

I was an overweight teen.  I know, first hand how this will affect these children for years to come.  They are missing out on LIFE.  But why?  The solution seems so simple, so easy. 

I remember as a child, I'd come home from school, head straight to the pantry and find the WORST food, grab it and go sit in front of the TV.  I was that kid.  Sad but true.  But somehow I broke the cycle.  I was NOT the norm back then.  Seems like more and more we see overweight, obese children falling into the same stereotype...lazy and fat.  Right?  I would complain of the heat outside, which seemed like the perfect excuse.  Heck no.  That is not and SHOULD NOT be normal.  I couldn't run a lap in P.E but blamed it on not feeling well or some other lame excuse because I was embarrassed.  How do we think all of these children feel?  They are helpless to an extent because they are a product of their environment.  Most of the time.  It becomes an addiction just like any other.  And I believe the hardest part for me is seeing the look in their eyes.  It's that empty-look.  Like they wanna be someone else.  They are not comfortable in their own skin and are probably feeling ashamed, which saddens me.  

As I look around today, I try and wrap my head around why  this is happening to our children.  I was miserable, no self-esteem, felt trapped, and it was a place I wish on no child, not anyone.  But I can't help but be afraid when I look around and see SO many overweight, inactive children and teenagers.  And it's not only the obese children, it's the children that don't want to push themselves physically.  They'd rather sit inside glued to their x-box.  Am I the only one that thinks that's crazy?  

I am NOT the picture of perfect health, I don't have rock hard abs and a bikini-ready body...but there's one thing I know.  I am healthy.  I work hard every day to push myself and my body to do things I didn't think possible.  I put exercise and my health as a priority in my life.  I put my family's health as a priority in my life as well.  I work hard to expose my family to a healthy lifestyle each and every day.  Why don't we all?  

I think it's different for each situation,
A child living with overweight/obese parents is only practicing what they see and know.  No exercise.  No vision of what healthy eating looks like or more importantly, feels like.
Children living with parents who have never struggled with weight issues may think they were fine growing up on junk food and sodas, so why change?  
Busy.  Some families are so busy, trying to keep up with life that we fall short when it comes to what we put into our bodies.  -not sure how this one can be fixed.  
Some are emotional issues from children dealing with divorce, and other family issues.  They may turn to food, which is where I believe I struggled most growing up.  

This is why I choose to be a FitFluential Ambassador.  
To be that voice for so many adults and children that feel like nobody understands their struggle. 
For so many, it's that feeling that the person trying to help has never been there, that they can't relate.  I want to be that person that does.  I wasn't a fit teen that gained some weight in college, I struggled with weight my ENTIRE life.  I choose to live healthy for myself and my family.
Now how do we make a change and make an impact in this growing epidemic?? 

Thursday, July 19, 2012

running, jumping and having a ball!

After lots of bike riding, fishing and swimming we are back and enjoying getting things back into order at home!  It was a quick, three night trip but WELL worth watching our children outdoors, having a blast and my husband and I enjoying some relaxation too!

 My boys loving the outdoors...

Today's Workout:  An early morning 3 mile run followed by a 10-minute jump rope workout routine!  Nothing special, just 10 minutes of getting my sweat on while performing the MOST basic moves!  It works people!  

*For those of you that like direction, there's a great 10 minute jump rope workout video herecompliments of SparkPeople.  

While on our trip I managed to run a few times and it was really neat to see all of the campers, cabins and people outdoors cooking breakfast!  Change of scenery was nice!  We kept our alcohol consumption to a minimum and the boys enjoyed the frozen grapes, granola, and other healthy treats!  They rode bikes all day long with their friends, went swimming and did some pretty cool waterslides, laughed with friends, we caught lots of fish, I even put on my own, live bait! We built a campfire and roasted marshmallows, had a water balloon fight, played football, and told ghost stories!  All elements to a great camping trip!!  Best time we've had yet!!

There are no words for how I feel when getting the boys outdoors and watching them enjoy every second.  In some sense it makes my husband and I feel good knowing we've exposed them to the right things for them to love it as much as we do!  
Whatever the case, get your kids OUTSIDE!  Playing, exercising, enjoying life in the good 'ol sunshine!  

Do you exercise while on vacation?

Sunday, July 15, 2012

I bought one.

You're probably wondering what it is...

Now you've guessed it!

A jump rope.

So simple, so cheap...this one was $9.99 at Academy!

The coolest part about this purchase?  It came with tons of great, jump rope workouts!  Yea, who would have thought for $9.99, you'd actually get a whole new way to stay in shape!

Ever tried it?  Not on the playground during your childhood...I mean, now-as a workout??  
When it comes to working out, you don't need fancy equipment-just anything that makes you sweat!

Jumping rope can be a serious calorie burn, especially when you pair it with some great strength training exercises!  My husband and I are super excited to try out some of the routines while we're camping this week!  I'll let you know how it goes!  

As for workouts, I have still been stepping up my runs-which has been a little easier with cooler temps this week.  I have also been loving my "pinned" workouts!  
If you go to my MOTIVATION board here , you'll see that I have lots of great FitFluential
& various workouts on there!  I love to change things up by choosing a few circuits that I can complete in my living room!  I get my sweat on and it's a great calorie burn without leaving the house!  Doesn't get any better than that, especially when my boys are wanting me to play-they usually join in and we make it a family thing!  

How do you get your sweat on at home?

As for our week of camping, I am bring some great fresh fruits and veggies!  I have prepared lots of homemade meals that'll thaw easily in the skillet!  
Plenty of bottled water, our workout clothes, running shoes, bikes, and swimsuits 
so I think we're ready to go!  

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Plateau & Pinterest

The dreaded plateau...heard of it?
If you've ever fallen victim to it and know, first hand the way it makes you feel.  You know it's no fun.
Let's start small- 
calories in vs. calories out -it's simple really.  To burn more calories than you consume.  But do you really know this?  Or are you just estimating this?  For this, MyFitnessPal is a pretty great way to keep you on track.
Next, if you're just starting your fitness journey and have a lot of weight to lose, re-evaluate your workouts/eating every few weeks.  Your calorie requirements will change as you lose the weight and gain muscle.  Trust me.
Keep your workouts exciting!  Find something that you love, but make sure you don't fall victim to comfort and forget to change things up as you make progress.  
Make sure you listen to your body, it will tell you when you need to push yourself and when you need REST.
*Now I am hoping to take my own advice and not get frustrated with my weight-loss, workouts and eating this week!  So far this week has been great, lots of fresh fruits and veggies for the family so I'm hoping to get a good # on Monday.  Plus, I'm very excited to learn that I found a new running buddy while camping recently.  After talking for a while, we realized we had A LOT in common(both former p.e. teachers, both have 2 boys same ages, love to run) so it should be fun!  

And now I'd like to share a few of my favorite "pins" from the week!  
With school approaching- my oldest starting kindergarten and youngest starting preschool, I feel like I need to rev up my snack-making skills!  These might help...

Rolled Banana Snacks
 recipe from Mommy? I'm Hungry 

Grab n Go Granola Bars
recipe from Super Healthy Kids

Have you experienced the plateau in weight-loss? How'd you overcome?

What's your favorite healthy, back to school snack? 

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Healthy Foods?

After teaching physical education and health to teens, and helping heart patients prepare a heart-healthy meal plan post-heart attack, NOTHING surprises me when it comes to what people may assume is HEALTHY!

I think it's pretty cool that HealthCentral is holding a Healthy Food sweepstakes to help those that may not know what is truly healthy and what is not-so-much...

Announcing HealthCentral's Healthy Living Sweepstakes

It's often hard to go to the grocery store and pick out healthy food.  Items can look healthy, but they can be hidden with sodium or sugar.  In order to help make sure you are eating the healthiest foods, we have been sampling hundreds of healthy foods - some brand new to grocery stores - to let you know about the tastiest, healthiest foods out there!  
Through the summer we'll be announcing the winners of our Healthy Food Awards and we want to hear from you!  Vote for your favorite healthy food and then enter our sweepstakes.
The Grand Prize winner will receive an ActiFry and the First Place winner will receive a 20 piece cookware set!
The sweepstakes runs through July 16th.  Like us on Facebook to see the rules and enter.  You can even share the contest with your friends to earn double entries.
Don't forget to stay tuned to learn what healthy foods made the cut in our 2012 Healthy Food Awards.

I don't have a FB account, so I'm counting on all of you to enter!  
Some pretty cool prizes up for grabs!
As for my weekly workouts, I had an awesome week, last week!  When my husband works nights, I am able to get up bright and early, take off and get my run in by 7am!  It felt great, temps weren't too crazy hot and lots of clouds!  I love clouds this time of year!!  
As for this week, a little tougher!  I'll make it work BUT it happens with my five-year old and 3-year old!  I push my youngest and my oldest usually rides his bike or runs right along with me!  This makes long runs impossible, but hey-anything is better than nothing!  
Yes I could pop in a workout video, but I haven't been feeling them lately.  I wanted Jillian's new workout series, but haven't heard that much about it, you?
As for races, it's FINALLY time to get back out there.  My husband and I both agreed that we need a good 5K to get us going strong again...really strong!  So, August 4th at 7:30 am we'll be racing with some friends we met while camping!  Ah, that's why I love camping...we meet great, active families that love the outdoors...nothing better than that, right?!  
I'll keep you posted on our progress!!  How are your workouts/races going this summer?

Monday, July 9, 2012

Thanks iPod!

Some of us can workout without music...

I am NOT one of those people.


I MUST have a great playlist to pump me up and keep me going strong!  I am always changing things up with my music, because the better the music, the better my workout!  And maybe that's just me...

So this morning before the sun came up, I was downloading some new songs and decided to go Christina Aguilera crazy!  I bought Fighter, How Ya Burlesque(love this song!), and Diirty!  I also bought Usher-Scream, Rihanna-Talk that Talk, and Soul Decision-Faded(ya know you remember this song from the early 90's)
I was jamming in the neighborhood and finally finished 4.5 miles!  
This may sound weak, but after finding my running stride again last week, the heat has kept me from really stepping it up lately.  Not a great excuse, but it's hard to push through in these temps...
Anyway, I owe it to Christina for helping me achieve a great run this morning!  WooHoo!!!

What's on your iPod playlist this summer?

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

running strong and poaching eggs?

I got it back today.  You're probably wondering what it is that I lost?

It was my running MOJO!
But I think I found it... 

For some reason, I hadn't been really feeling my runs.  It was like I was going through the motions because I need and want to exercise, but I'd never reach that point where I used to love to go...

The point where the run isn't exercise, it's like a release of every tension, stress, emotion, pain...all of it goes out of your mind and onto the ground!  Sounds cheesy, but it happened today and now I'm unstoppable!  Again, thanks to Run with Jess for creating this challenge, because it has helped me connect with my runs again.  

Running without TRULY loving the run, makes it tough.  That goes for all forms of exercise.  

I always stress the importance of finding an exercise that you love, because if the passion isn't there, it'll feel like work.  Like something you want to put off, make excuses for and so on.  If you LOVE to do it, then you'll make time for it no matter what and believe it or not, you'll actually enjoy doing it!  Trust me, I never believed it until I felt it.  

And just in case I may lose that feeling again, I've got these boys pushing me every step of the way...they are my little running buddies that keep me going!

Now, how about some poached eggs?
     Honestly, I had never had a poached egg until asked to review this poachpod product!  They are small and fit right into my utensil drawer, they're super cute and come in a variety of colors!  They are so easy to's as simple as boiling water, cracking the egg into the pod and that's it!  
     I have seen several recipes using the poachpod!  One that I want to try is scramble an egg, spinach and a little cheese...use the same way and basically you have a mini-omelet!  

The poachpod® is a flexible silicone cooking tool for poaching eggs, baking and molding. The poachpod® allows you to float and poach an egg in boiling water like a lily pad on a pond. When the egg is ready, flip the nonstick pod inside out and gently push the perfectly domed shaped egg out. Place the pod in the dishwasher for easy clean up.

Some stuff you should know:
    • Heat-resistant to 675°F / 357°C
    • FDA food-safe silicone
    • Nonstick
    • Microwave and dishwasher safe
    • Flexible
    • Set of 2 (1 dark and 1 light green)
    • 3" diameter x 1.5" depth
  • Have you found an exercise that YOU love?
Do you enjoy poached eggs?  Have some great recipes for the poachpod, I'd love to hear them!

I received 2 poachpods for free in exchange for my honest review.  
All opinions are 100% mine and no other compensation was received.  

Monday, July 2, 2012

FREE fitness apps, today only!

I'll start by sharing Jess's motivational quote from her newsletter regarding 
week 3 of the challenge...

To celebrate these popular fitness apps doing really well when it came to downloads and to help kickstart all of our weight loss for July,
intelli-Diet and Super Diet Genius, normally $3.99 each, will be available
for FREE on the iTunes App Store on Monday, July 2nd

I am especially excited about this because I love trying new fitness apps and this will help in Run With Jess's weight loss challenge, that is now in week 3!  Thanks to Jess and her challenge, I have stepped up my running these past few weeks and am ready to try out racing once again!  I had burned out after the half marathon, but I think I'm ready to take on 10 for Texas, a 10-miler taking place in October!  

Do you have exciting goals for the Fall?  

I wish I could race sooner, but with the heat I'm afraid it'll have to wait but this will give me time to step up my mileage and get back to where I was at this time last year!  

"intelli-Diet and Super Diet Genius are like having a dietician in your
pocket. Users get personalized daily and weekly meal plans, and see exactly
what to eat and how much to eat - there are no tracking calories. Both apps
leverage our sophisticated algorithm engine so that portion sizes are
automatically calculated for each food, based on the user's age, height,
gender, activity level, food preferences, which foods are in their kitchen,
current weight, goal weight, and desired rate of weight loss. "

Intelli-Diet for iPhone
. App Link:
. Website:
. Video:

Super Diet Genius for iPhone:
. App Link:
. Website:
. Video:

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