Sunday, January 15, 2012

13.1 baby!

WE DID IT!!!  
So, my husband kicked major butt with a time of 1:49:52  Wow.  He rocked it, right? 
And drum roll please...
my Aramco Half Marathon time:  2:46:35

I'll be honest.  I was VERY bummed with my time and I'm not even sure why.  I guess because 2:30 was my goal and I obviously didn't reach it.  Maybe because at mile 11, I was really doubting myself.
Don't worry, crossing that finish line was something I'll never forget.  Running 13.1 miles was a HUGE accomplishment and probably THE hardest thing I've ever done.  
My husband is totally pumped up and ready to race again tomorrow!  Ha!  Guess he's addicted!
As the day has passed and I am able to reflect where I started from, I am completely proud.  A few times, my head got the best of me today and I'm okay with admitting that.  I had to BELIEVE in myself 100% and when I did that, I pushed myself to that FINISH LINE!  I burst into tears at mile 7 (not even sure why) and then again at mile 12-13...I was hurting and telling myself to finish strong.  I felt pain in my right shoulder ( odd, right?) and then my heels.  ?  Not sure why.  Then after I crossed the finish line and met up with my family, I really lost it.  Crying like a baby. 

What did this race mean to me?  

ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE.  ANYTHING!  Go for your dreams, your goals...even if they are hard, GO FOR IT!  PUSH YOURSELF.  Even when it hurts, because my body is sure hurting now.  

Thanks to all of you for your sweet words of encouragement.  It helped push me to my goal.  Thank you for that.  Thanks for the anniversary wishes.  We didn't feel like going out to dinner to celebrate, so my husband is grilling steak and green beans!  Mmmm!  I think my iPod said I burned over 2,200 calories today!  HOLY COW!  Is that accurate?

We have plenty of pictures to post VERY soon, so stay tuned!  
For those of you that raced this weekend, hope you finished strong!



misszippy said...

Ah, congrats Marissa! I loved reading the emotions in there. HUGE accomplishment!!

Congrats to the hubs too!

Hayley said...

I'm so proud of you friend!!!! And happy anniversary!!!!

(Just) Trying is for Little Girls said...

Very nice half. Way to go! It's time to seriously think about Austin, don't ya know!

Anonymous said...


Lauren {sweat junkie} said...

Great job girl!!!

Christy J said...

Way to go! You did it!

Heather said...

WOOT!! Go girl!! That is awesome! :)

Run with Jess said...

Way to go girl!! HUGE!

Elle said...

Wahooooo! I have been thinking about you off and on all day since I read the message I found from you in my email this morning.

I am so happy for you Marissa! And I am happy that your husband had such a great race as well... I bet you are thoroughly enjoying your dinner and anniversary evening together.

Happy happy happy !!!

christina said...

Great job!!!! In 2010 I did my first half - before that running one mile was too much. In 2011 I completed my first marathon (and did it newly preggo). It is AMAZING what you can accomplish with dedication and putting in the time. Congrats!!!


kimert said...

CONGRATS!!!! What a huge accomplishment! I know how that feels, the tears, the pain, the fun, the joy... all of those emotions! Celebrate and be so so proud of yourself!!! way to go.

Laura Boll said...

You did awesome!! Sorry that you were frustrated with your time, it's hard to know what to expect on the first half...but now you can carry all those lessons into your next one!

Penny said...

So very happy for you. You did it 13.1. That a way girl. My first long race was a 20k. I remember only to well what you were going through mentally and phyically. But you concurred your desire to finsh a half marathon. So proud of you. Cant wait to see all those pics.

jillconyers said...

Awesome! Congrats and you're right, crossing the finish line is something you never forget :)

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