Saturday, January 14, 2012


After visiting the Chevron Houston Marathon EXPO today, we are completely PUMPED UP and ready for tomorrow morning.  What an amazing feeling, being around all of those Olympic Athletes!  My only regret is not finding a love for running earlier in my life!  Wow.  Those are incredible athletes, and as I watched one woman cross the finish line today, she grabbed her kids and husband and started to cry...oh my gosh, my tears were flowing!  I think I had goosebumps the ENTIRE time we watched.  Amazing.  It was certainly something to witness up close and personal.  Very cool.  And it all happened in our hometown area...awesome!

My hubby and I at the EXPO!

Olympic Trials Start Line...pretty cool, huh?

...some of the incredible athletes!

...near the finish line!

and I may not be an Olympic Runner, but I am SUPER excited about tomorrow's race!  Look at my new shirt!
If I could say anything about our experience at the EXPO today, it's that I love the feeling of being around SO many people that have a passion for being healthy.  
For running.  
For pushing themselves each and every day.  
For balancing family AND fitness and making being healthy a priority in their lives.  
It was an AWESOME feeling because around so many tremendous athletes and feeling their enthusiasm.  I have a feeling that tomorrow will be my FIRST of MANY half marathons and future races!  What a feeling.  


jillconyers said...

Marissa you described perfectly why I love the expos. Good luck!

Elle said...

Glad it was soooo good!

And here is wishing you and your husband a wonderful race and anniversary tomorrow!

kimert said...

I love being around runners! Expos are fun too! Good luck tomorrow. I hope your first half marathon is everything you hope it will be!!!

Mrinda said...

How exciting! Good luck on your run tomorrow!

Run with Jess said...

Good Luck to you!!

misszippy said...

So very cool you got to be there to see all of that! I am jealous.

Good luck today! I hope you LOVE every minute of it. Something tells me you will. ; )

Laura Boll said...

Yesterday was amazing, wasn't it? So sorry we didn't get to meet... but congrats on completing your first half!!

christina said...

My cousin and step mom ran their first marathon at this race. Im hoping to get down there next year to do it with them :) Beats running in Maryland this time of year!

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