Thursday, February 2, 2012

I'm feelin' good... and a recipe too!

For Day 1 of my challenge, I'm feeling pretty darn good!  I haven't done my workout just yet, because I'm having a much-needed haircut at 4:30!  Woohoo...I'm chopping it off!
Pre-Breakfast: Fiber Drink followed by a glass of water/3 "Catalyst" supplements
Breakfast: whole wheat Van's waffle topped w/ serving of low-fat cream cheese
Mid-Morning: small apple-sliced with one serving mozz cheese stick
Lunch: high fiber tortilla filled with spinach and egg salad...Mmm, so good!
*I haven't had these (because it's only 1pm) but planning on the following...
Mid-Afternoon: serving low fat cottage cheese and 1/2 peach
and dinner is the recipe pictured below...

Move It Mommas Chicken N' Dumplings
 only item not pictured is the 3-4 boneless, skinless chicken breasts that were beginning to boil at the time I took the picture!!  Begin to boil the chicken, whole pieces at med-high temperature and as you see Chicken starting to cook, add all of your chopped ingredients...
a little Sea Salt, pepper, celery, onion and carrots...and any other veggies you'd like!

Tip:  Chop your veggies ahead of time, double wrap them and place in fridge or even freeze them!  This way, when you're rushing trying to have dinner prepared, it's as easy as dumping in the ingredients with
NO MESS to clean up!
my pre-chopped onions wrapped in two, separate Ziploc
 This is what your veggies will look like in there with the chicken.  Cook on med-high heat until chicken cooked through.  Shred or slice your chicken as you prefer and now time for dumplings...
 I use the whole wheat baking mix available at our local grocery store, H.E.B, but if your store carries something like this, it'll be near the Bisquick.  

I start off with 2 cups of the baking mix, 2 tbs flaxseed meal.  Add skim milk or 2% milk until you get a lumpy, sticky batter....drop spoon-sized biscuits into boiling chicken mixture on stove.  Heat on low, simmer for 10 minutes without lid, then 10 minutes with the lid.  Make sure dumplings are cooked through!  
And that's it...Dinner is SERVED!!!  
This is a family favorite, so I hope you enjoy it too!!!

 And now for an update regarding the Spring Fever virtual race...
we have some goodies already here and ready for their winner!  
Will it be you?  It sure won't, unless you sign up!  Just send me an email already!!  All I need to know is that you'll race with us March 1-15th!  Get a group of friends and make it FUN!

I have some runner belts and headbands from Hippie Runner!

I have two copies of 28 Day BootCamp by SparkPeople!  

..and much more to come!

P.S. I am going to pick up my husband's race packet tomorrow in Galveston 
for his Mardi Gras half marathon!  I feel for him because our weekly forecast is rain, rain and more RAIN but he's a tough guy and he'll still rock that half...I'm sure of it :-)

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Laura Boll said...

Yum, I forget about egg salad as a lunch option... need to make that! Your dinner looks great too! I've started chopping my veggies in advance too, it's challenging to cook with a toddler who wants to see what's going on!

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