Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Happy Wednesday with a lot to share!

February is HEART MONTH so get out there and get involved in your community!
When I worked as a teacher, I would organize a "Go Red Day" for all of the students and faculty.  It was awesome to see everyone showing their Go Red spirit and supporting the awareness of heart disease and prevention!  We actually created a "heart" just like this and it turned out really cool.  So, don't be afraid to get something started at work or at home, it's a great way to bring people together for a good cause.  My grandmother passed away two years ago, this month from congestive heart failure, 
so when I was in college and she was diagnosed, 
I told myself I would do WHATEVER possible to help with the prevention of this disease.  
Happy HEART Month...I'd love to know the ways you are promoting it?

And second, look at my new ride!  Yep, it's totally true...I am a Jeep Momma now!  After having a Suburban and Yukon XL, it was time for something different...way different!  We have been looking at these for a while now and doing our research 
and then THIS one came along and we couldn't resist! 

And finally, here's how I "Live it HellaWella"  Heard of it?  
Well, wait til you see all that's waiting for you here...

The "Move It Momma" lives it HellaWella by promoting healthy living through recipes, tips, success stories, and setting goals for herself and not giving up until she reaches them!  

If I've caught your attention, then go HERE to learn more about 
HellaWella "healthy living for the real world"


Adrianne Surian said...

Man, I have always wanted a Jeep. I don't even have a good reason why, they're just COOL. LOL!

Dropping by from Welcome Wednesday and following you now! Hope you have a minute to swing by Happy Hour and say hi!


fancy nancy said...

Very cool car! Congrats!!

Friday is our wear red day at school. Such a good reminder!

Headed over to check out HellaWella!

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