Saturday, February 25, 2012

my first 10K

My Advocare challenge is going great!  Lost another pound and feel SO much better.  
Even drank a Spark before today's race!  woohoo!  I am hoping to lose around 5-7 lbs in these next two weeks and really work on toning!  I can't help but think of summer, which means less clothes, lots of shorts and the dreaded bathing suits...ugh, I feel bloated just thinking about it!  Ha!

today was THIS run...
15,000 runners and walkers and we raised over 400,000 for scholarships!  It was the 25th Anniversary of this race, so they had bands playing and lots of spectators cheering us on!
and I think for our first 10K, we did pretty good!
As usual, my husband kicked butt with 48:28
as for me, 1:10:44 
I LOVED this distance.  It might be my favorite!  It was long enough to really push myself, but not quite as tough as 13.1.  Not that I didn't enjoy the half, because I did.  I just felt happy after today's race...confident and it felt good to cross the finish line.  I wasn't achy or sore, it was perfect!  Obviously I gotta work on speed...suggestions?  books?  HELP!  I would love to be just a little faster :)

For the Spring Fever, I have some great goodies coming in for giveaway, so don't forget to sign up!  Just received the Body Glide items yesterday, and there's THREE different types to giveaway!  Also, Hippie Runner sent me three sets of running belts and headbands and they are matching sets!  too cute, right?  I ran with their running belt today and it was PERFECT!  It didn't slip and held everything I needed!
Even if you aren't a "follower" of my blog, I'd still love to see ya participate!  
grab some family and friends, just have  fun and do it!  
email me to sign up and race any day between March 1-15th!  HURRY :)


Elle said...

I was hoping you would enjoy your first 10k race and it sounds like you really did. So happy for you.

And what a good one to take part in too!

I am looking forward to participating in your virtual race soon... nice prizes you are lining up. How fun!

Christy J said...

Congrats on your first 10k! I wish I had some speed advice, but I struggle with that too.

hiker mom said...

So glad you had a great race! Congratulations:)

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