Thursday, February 16, 2012

there's still time!

I'm excited to say that Body Glide is our newest sponsor of the Spring Fever 10k/5k virtual race!  Yay!
They will be offering their Original and For Her balm as well as 2 of the WarmFx.  
Something for men and women, so that's pretty cool too!
Thanks BodyGlide!

...and if you've emailed me that you'd like to enter the virtual race, you should have received an email from me with the Spring Fever BIB attached! 
 I must say, I think it turned out super cute and very festive!
If you haven't registered, the race will take place any day March 1st-15th, at the location of your choice...simply email me and that's considered your sign up :-)

my workouts or lack-there-of: it's been raining like crazy around here in Texas and it's been SO frustrating.  I mean, we've had a drought for months so we probably need the rain, but we've gotta be okay now? 
It's been raining almost every day AND tomorrow is flood, even more is on the way.
This means, I've been lacking motivation to run and that's NOT an excuse but it's been messing with my motivation!  
Any suggestions for some great workouts indoors?  (when I don't have a gym membership or the big, fancy workout equipment?)  I'm in desperate need!  I know there are videos that I can turn to, but honestly I'm in the mood for something different!  
My ADVOCARE challenge is going great and I feel better now that I'm taking some great products!  I've lost 4lbs and yet a little discouraged that there hasn't been more weight loss, I'm partly to blame with my decreased motivation to get some GREAT workouts in each day.
I've set a goal to really kick it up a notch this next week, rain or shine...that's a promise I'm making to myself!  I know there's nobody to blame but myself, but sometimes I think we all go through times where our motivation and determination fall out of whack?  or is that just me??

some giveaway item(s) up for grabs for the Spring Fever:
Hippie Runner -headbands and runner belts
BodyGlide-original, for her balm and warmfx
2 copies of the 28 day boot camp video from SparkPeople
Runner's Feat
...and possibly more to come ;-)

* If you blog, tweet, FB about the Spring Fever race you'll earn a free entry for EACH that you do! Just make sure you email me with each link for me to check it out!


Katie @ Will Race for Carbs said...

Ugh, that is rough! But Texas does need the rain, or so my brother tells me. I hope it stops soon and you can get back out there and RUN! I am useless at home workouts, I have no idea what to do.

Laura Boll said...

I'm never great at home workouts either, but have a few dvds I can fall back on. I also hear there's good stuff online, I'd search around and see what you can find! You can always make your own circuit-- push ups, squats, lunges, jumping jacks, planks, etc repeat until you're wiped out. :)

Christy @ My Dirt Road Anthem: A Runner's Blog said...

I started working out at home a couple years ago and had a hard time getting started, then I discovered and now ZWOW, love the workouts although the motivation thing is hard sometimes.

Bridie said...

We have some fitness channel that usually always has hour or half hour workouts on - but some are pretty cheesy! We also have a fitness station on the On Demand feature from our cable channel, so you can access lots of different workouts that way.

How about a circuit challenge (your boys can do it to!)5 minutes of cardio interchanged with a couple minutes of strength (run the stairs for 5, plank for 2, jumping jacks for 5, crunches for 2, high knees for 5, push ups for 2, etc)

kimert said...

I struggle withhome workouts. I think if it weren't for my gym membership and training for races I'd probably never get a workout in. Scary for me to think about that at this point!

I want to enter the virtual run. :)

Jennifer said...

I want to enter, but can't figure out how to email you. Please contact me! :)

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