Wednesday, February 1, 2012

It's 24 Days and I'm EXCITED...

You all know that I love setting goals to keep myself motivated! 
 I love having something to look forward to,  whether it's a weight loss goal, race...whatever!
 So far I've conquered losing 80+ lbs, changing my lifestyle and helping others do the same, helping my husband lose close to 100lbs, I've completed a Duathlon in '08, ran the Aramco Half  '12, signed up for my first 10K to take place Feb 25th, 
so why not add a 24 Day Challenge to my list!!  

Have you heard of Advocare?  I mean, we all have heard the name because Drew Brees is a spokesperson, right? Ah, he's such a cutie!  When I was losing weight and finding my new, healthy way of life while in college, I used their MNS System and loved the results...honestly, I'm not even really sure why I stopped taking their products...Anyway, they have the "24 Day Challenge" and my friend, Tamara suggested that I give it a try!  
Now I never do things half way, so I'm going to make sure 
and follow the plan EXACTLY as it says 
and in 24 days, I can't wait to see the results!  
*And I know I can count on all of YOU to hold me accountable
 and keep me on track throughout the program :-)

Here's a little about my newest adventure:  
What I love most about Advocare is that it is all based on simple nutrition.  Not some crazy, off the wall "diet".  Ugh I just hate that word, don't you?  During the program as you are introduced to several products, you are maintaining a healthy diet. No special ordered foods or anything like that, just my home cooked meals as usual, and adding a few boosts of nutrition to hopefully see some fabulous results and only improve my health!  
Or at least that's what I'm hoping for!!

Here's a few of the products I'll be taking during my Challenge!
Herbal Cleanse Provides internal cleansing and Enhances nutrient absorption
 Helps rid your body of toxins &
waste. Three key products: 1. Fiber drink – scrubs intestinal tract;
2. Herbal Cleanse Tablets – cleanses impurities & toxins from the liver, kidney & blood;
3. ProBiotic Restore – strengthens immune and digestive systems & maintains normal,
healthy bacteria

Spark® Long-lasting energy (3-5 hours), without spiking blood sugar.
Sharpens mental focus and alertness - B-Vitamins and Amino acids create
neurotransmitter reactions in the brain to provide long lasting, more focused energy.
Caffeine dilates blood vessels for better & quicker nutritional absorption.
Take anytime during the day for a natural energy lift. Can be served Cold or Hot

Meal Replacement Shake in Berry, Chocolate, Vanilla
Nourishes Muscles and Supports Metabolism. A perfectly balanced (protein-to-carb
ratio), satisfying meal. Great for someone who usually skips breakfast or lunch

Overall the 24 Day Challenge will hopefully...
Energizes mind and body
Improves digestion - rids toxins.
Fuels body with core nutrition
Controls cravings and appetite
Fits into a busy life
Is basically about $8-$9 a day - most people spend that on lunch a day - so overall is very affordable.  
And I'm not sure about you but I'm all about affordable!!  
They provide cookbooks, grocery lists, tips and any other support that you may need!

I met Tamara a few years ago at my cousin's karate school.  We were taking a boot camp class and while we were sweating like crazy, her and I started talking and immediately realized that we had similar weight loss stories.  She's a working Mother and still SO dedicated to healthy living...I gotta say, I admire that SO much about all of us!  We ALL make an effort to lead healthy lifestyles and set positive examples for our families...NOTHING is more important than that!  

Here's a little about my friend, Tamara:
"I am a full time Family Nurse Practitioner. I found Advocare in July 2010. At the time, I was 25 pounds overweight and miserable. I had no energy, and found that even doing simple things made me extremely tired. My stress level was at an all time high. My friend introduced me to Advocare, and although I was at first skeptical, I decided it was time to make a change in my life. I started with the 24 day challenge, and in 6 weeks, I had lost 25 pounds! But even better than the weight loss, was the fact that I had my energy back. I now do cardio kickboxing and ultimate fitness classes four days a week. I love the way I look and feel. I would have never thought this possible 6 months ago! Advocare has truly changed my life!" -Tamara
To all of my FABULOUS readers out there:  
If I haven't received an email from you wanting to join my Spring Fever virtual race...
I have about 30 of you and that's it!  We can do better than that, right?!  SPREAD THE WORD!
 I had a knock at my door today and SURPRISE, it was Hippie Runner with LOTS of goodies for the race!  Wouldn't you like to win a 4Head headband or their really cool, "Go Belt"?


Christy J said...

Let me know how that goes for you! My brother and his wife sell it, but I haven't tried it.

misszippy said...

Good luck with your new challenge. I admire you for always reaching for the next level!

Carrie said...

New fan here from Take it From Me. Following you on Pinterest and Twitter as well! :) I love your story! I happen to be a runner and am a lover of health, wellness and good nutrition, as well as using all natural remedies for ailments/aches/pains. Detoxing is such a vital part of your weight loss, fitness goals. I am proud of your accomplishments and I know you will continue to reach all of your goals. Love your blog and happy to have found you! Blessings! Carrie @

Katie @ Will Race for Carbs said...

Oh yes, I need to email you! Totally forgot. Can't wait to hear how the challenge goes.

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