Monday, February 20, 2012

zucchini & bean taco salad...I'm back!

move it mommas zucchini bean taco salads:
you'll need:
2 medium zucchini's, chopped
1/2 yellow onion, chopped
1/4 tsp cumin
1/4 tsp chili powder
1 can canellini beans or pinto beans-drained and rinsed

 saute zucchini and onion over medium heat until zucchini becomes tender and onions transparent.  add cumin and chili powder, along with beans and simmer for about 10min. or until warmed through.  I like to cover skillet with foil to soak in the flavors and make the beans tender.

and now for the fun part, creating your "taco shell"...
 I used whole wheat, La Tortilla brand tortillas-low carb, high fiber
I shape foil into baseball-sized balls and lay tortilla on top, creating the bowl shape upside down on pan.  Bake at 375 for about 15minutes or until edges are slightly browned and tortilla becomes firm and crunchy!-the picture above is what your finished tortilla will look like :-)
Flip over your tortilla and begin layering zucchini mixture, sprinkle of shredded cheese, 1 tbs Greek yogurt (instead of sour cream!), 1 tbs salsa, and sliced avocado as garnish!  
I don't have the finished picture but you get the idea~   
A very simple, quick recipe you can use on those evenings where you want minimal effort in the kitchen!

and now the Pinterest inspired rice krispie treats...these were SO easy and SO yummy!  My boys loved them and they stay great for days wrapped in Tupperware, so it's our evening treat!  
Go Lean Crispies:
you'll need:
6 cups Kashi Go Lean cereal
3/4 bag of large marshmallows
1/4 stick butter or margarine
 melt butter and marshmallows on med low heat, stirring frequently until marshmallows and butter are melted.  add kashi go lean cereal and stir to coat.  pour mixture into sprayed Pyrex and allow to set.  enjoy!!!!  we allow ourselves a small square in the evening and make sure it's put away or we'll keep eating it...
yep, it's that good!!!

and now for an update on my motivation and finding it once again...GOOD NEWS. I've found it!!!  

after telling myself for days that it was time to step it up, get strict and serious!  I have my first 10K this coming Saturday and I've slacked pretty bad on my running mileage, sad but true.  
The weather was killing my motivation and although it's no excuse, I unfortunately let it get the best of me this time.  I hadn't run in days, but kicked it up yesterday and today!  
The Advocare is helping me gain energy and control my hunger thankfully, so now that all the components are in line, I'm hoping to see some physical changes coming soon...and hoping to tackle my 10K on Saturday?!  
And my diet is once again RIGHT!  we are all only human and we let life get in the way of healthy living...or am I alone?  I know that a few of my son's Goldfish or Animal Crackers here and there aren't a big deal but the small handfuls of snacks were outweighing my healthy eating...FOR SURE!  But the good news is that I do not allow it to get the best of me for long, I figure out where I'm going wrong and fix it.  It's like I've said a million times before, it's about balance and every SINGLE day I struggle.  It's an ongoing challenge for me and I must focus and think about it every day.  Struggling with weight is part of my life...always has been and always will be.  But one thing is for sure...

"Yesterday, I said tomorrow" and tomorrow is TODAY!!!!!

Don't let that be YOU! 
 make your mind up and commit!  
Do it for yourself, your family, your well-being, 

...and DO NOT forget about the Spring Fever 10K and 5K virtual race.  It's coming soon, March 1-15th, to run at any point during that time!  If you're ready to race and would like to sign up and receive your BIB via email, just send me an email at!  Don't forget about the GREAT prizes up for don't wanna miss out!

and with all of that said, I also need new running gear but with being a stay at home Mom, I gotta find some great deals and I'm not the position to buy the fancy, expensive stuff...suggestions? I had a great outfit for the half marathon, but I need some new things for during the week and not just great stuff for races.  I need great compression shorts, socks and some new sports bras.  I'm off to check out the suggested promo codes and  Dealio to see what I can find...
will keep ya posted!


Katie @ Will Race for Carbs said...

Oh yum! That is my kind of meal!

Antonetta Riedmuller said...

Target has great workout stuff, and you can usually get some great stuff on clearance! I think Tuesday is the day they mark down the C9 stuff.

Bridie said...

If you are near a Nordstrom Rack, the one I go to when we are in MN always seems to have great markdowns on work out gear. The two times we have been there, I have walked out with several items. Otherwise, I stick with Target. I like their stuff, I tend to scan the clearance section whenever I am there and grab stuff that's marked down.

Never thought of making taco salad bowls from tortillas - genius!

Jen said...

You will do great on your 10K, just go out there and have fun. :)

Jonnique said...

I get my gear from Target! Found you through Wednesday Hop! Thanks for hosting! A new follower!!!

April Westerhold said...

Thanks for the idea! I recently have given up meat and dairy and am in desperate need for ideas. I'm not a 100% vegan in that I will still eat things that are made with dairy but just not direct milk, egg or cheese. I probably won't do this 100% religiously (I gotta have a cheeseburger and filet mignon every once in a while) but just in my day-to-day life.

Hollie said...

I made this taco salad tonight for supper. Yum!!

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